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SAMMY WALL – Points Champion Season 32 Summer 2014 – Interview

Sammy Wall Season 32 Points Champion Smaller

Sammy Wall is the Points Champion for Season 32 Summer 2014! Sammy had 13 wins and 10713.20 points! Sammy Wall has been playing with the Atlanta Poker Club since September 2012. Sammy is a widower with four children and seven grandchildren. He has lived in Winder for 69 years. How long have you played Texas Hold’em? I started in 2009 online with Zynga poker. The only club …

APC $777 MONTHLY – December Points Race and Automatic Entry Dates

$777 Monthly

December Points Races Qualifying Top 60 and Venue Points Leaders from December 1 – December 31, 2014 December Automatic Entry Tournament Dates Win an automatic entry tournament and instantly qualify! Monday, December 8 Thursday, December 11 Tuesday, December 16 Friday, December 19 Sunday, December 21 Wednesday, December 24 Saturday, December 27 Monday, December 8 Gino’s …

APC $777 MONTHLY – December Qualifications and Tournament Info

$777 Monthly

Qualify in December to Play for $777 in January 1. Finish Top 60 on the December Monthly Leaderboard 2. Finish as a Venue Points Leader for December 3. Win an Automatic Entry Tournament View Points Race Leaders & Automatic Entry Dates $777 Tournament Info Qualifying Dates: December 1 – December 31, 2014 + Automatic Entry Tournaments Tournament Date: Saturday, January 10, …

MAGGIE’S TAVERN – Operation Feed The Homeless 2014 – Extra Chips

Maggies Tavern Logo

Maggie’s Tavern in Braselton is trying to collect items for Operation Feed the Homeless 2014! Toiletries that are needed will get you an extra 500 in chips. Bring coats, scarves, gloves and hats to donate and you will receive an extra 1000 in chips. This promotion is running all the way up to Christmas Eve, and Maggie Wilder will appreciate any donation to this cause! …

APC $500 DEALER APPRECIATION TOURNAMENT – Current Qualifiers & Dealers Needing Less Than 10 Hours!

Cards Flying

Below is a list of the Dealers who have already qualified, and also the Dealers that need 10 hours or less. Be sure and tell your Tournament Director that you need the hours! QUALIFIERS: 1. Adrian Marta 2. AJ Paulson 3. Alex Britman 4. Alex Delaney 5. Andre Fields 6. Angela Pavlichek 7. Ann Spring 8. Antoine Hughes 9. Ashleigh Pursell 10. Barry Johnson 11. Bojangles 12. Brooke Phillips …

Atlanta Poker Club THANKSGIVING DAY POKER SCHEDULE – 2 Venues Playing

Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, after you have filled up on turkey and spent some time with the family, why not head out to one of the following Atlanta Poker Club venues and play some poker! Wooden Nickel in Tucker – Game Details Sportsline Bar & Grille in Lawrenceville – Game Details _______________________________________________________________ Brucey’s Sports Bar, …

HAVANA SOUTH – Plays in Buford! 15 to 20 players $50; 21 to 30 players $75; 31 to 40 players $100; 41+ $125 Every Friday!


Havana South in Buford has a prize structure of 15 to 20 players $50; 21 to 30 players $75; 31 to 40 players $100; 41+ $125 every time they play!
Try out this venue and enjoy delicious Cuban food!
Havana South Poker Game Details
Directions to Havana South in Buford

$777 OCTOBER MONTHLY WINNER – Stephanie Huntsinger

Stephanie Huntsinger wins the $777 October Monthly 100

The $777 October Monthly was held at Gino’s Blind Tiger in Atlanta. 113 players qualified and 53 played. To qualify for the $777 October Monthly you had to: 1. Finish Top 60 on the October Monthly Leaderboard 2. Finish as a Venue Points Leader for October 3. Win an Automatic Entry Tournament The Top 10: 10. John Lemonds 9. Candyce Brown 8. Duane Kilgus 7. Chuck Bradley 6. …

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS – 4th Annual Event – Qualifying

Win the Atlanta Poker Club Tournament of Champions Bracelet!

This is the Fourth Annual Tournament of Champions! Champions against Champions raises the stakes and makes for a most challenging event! At this tournament, the winner will take home the Championship Bracelet and earn a place in the APC Hall of Fame! It is invitation only! To qualify, you have to hold one of the following APC titles: Season Points Champion Season Grand Champion Season …

VENUE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK – Plays December 1- 7/ Dates and Qualifying

APC Silver Coin

Two Silver Coins are awarded at each Qualified Venue the end of every season – one for the Points Leader at each Venue and one for the Venue Champion. The Top 10 players on each night at every Venue that has played 8 times and is still playing, will compete in the Championship for that Venue. These are the players who have been consistent all season, and the competition is tough. …

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